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My name is Obi. I want to tell you that Dog Dayz is the best gift my Mom ever gave me. It”s even better than chew toys! When I was a puppy, Mom was having a hard time keeping up with me, because I wanted to play all the time. Sometimes she had to do other things, like clean the house and go shopping for food. Plus, she wanted me to be well socialized around other dogs.

She looked around and found Dog Dayz! I”ve been coming twice a week for almost two years – and it”s the best. I have made lots of doggie friends who like to play with me all day long. I”m special friends with Tucker, Jimmie, Hamish, Ollie, and Stitch. When a new puppy or dog joins our pack, I show him all the fun things that we can do. I also like it when Kimm, Kim, Brian, and Michelle¬†take me for a walk.

I never want to go home at the end of my day, but after much coaxing, I do. I am tired but happy when I get home. And, my Mom has had time to get her chores out of the way, so we can play on the days I”m not at Dog Dayz!

Dog Dayz also taught me how to count – I know exactly the number of “sleeps” I have before I get to go play with all my friends.

I can”t wait to meet your dog!

Woof, woof


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